It may seem silly, but to update not only my blog every day, but all social networks, involves a lot of time. I share the entry of the day, socialize with Femdom friends, some submissive and elusive and ignore many claptrap, I must say it too.

You must understand that I don’t have time left for much else, as I do more things than chat on the pages and, who is really interested in talking to me, has several ways to do it. I go back to business as usual: read my website.

There is time to everything knowing how to get organized, is a matter of knowing what our priorities and meet our responsibilities. I think I’ve already said once that I usually leave the computer on all day and, although I’m not always at the screen, I look around here from one activity to another.

I thank the help of you do share and retweet, thereby reaching more people and I appreciate your help. But I also have a real life and love going for walks, shopping, meeting with friends, making sessions with my slaves, get pretty, dinner with someone special… in short, to live.

I know you like to read me although there are days, like today, I don’t want to tell anything special, but many keep entering every day and that encourages me to keep posting these bits of me 馃槈

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