This is the result of my experiments yesterday. Be advised that it is the first one I make, but I like how it looks and it has been fun to discover how.

Have also been proposed to record some videos to be sold on sites with subjects FemDom and Fetish. I make continually sessions with slaves, often wear leather and high heels every day, but I never thought about the possibility of being recorded for that purpose. In fact, I have no idea of acceptance that this type of things have.

I admit propositions and even suggestions of someone who knows filming or prone to participate in the recordings.

I think it can be great fun, but warn you I hate being told what I have to do even posing. If I have to wait long to shoot I discard the pic immediately, so my images are all day to day and no studied poses. Or they shoot on the fly, or anger me and my vocabulary is going souring in the same proportion that my mood.

But I’ve never done studio photography so I don’t know what the outcome would. Probably with a professional my behavior would be different, since the treatment I give my slaves is not remotely like which I give the rest of the people 馃榾


  1. The best and most successful recordings are made when the photographer or cameraman stays in the background and just shoots what you are doing naturally so that he captures the real you and the genuine dynamic between you and your sub. Anything else appears contrived even to an undiscerning viewer.

  2. What a very good and nice regording. I can’t wait…..

  3. Dear Cruel Dama,

    I LOVE everything you do!!!!!!! Whether still photo, video, writing or caption. I am surprised you have not done more video’s to be honest. I envision a live can when we live together. I LOVE this video!!!!!!!
    slave braxton


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