Joy of living

I begin the post with a smile. You are many who have told me you liked the video, although I know it’s no masterpiece, just a fun test because I had never done these things.

But my smile is not due to that. Strangely enough, I dedicate it to my detractors. Even I received an attempt to comment on yesterday’s post that oozed considerable anger.

Softer some said is that I’m not photogenic. What can we do? I’ve been calved this way, although I see myself cute 馃檪 Sure, I’m not a young girl, but no one can deny that I have some wonderful genes: D: D

And it’s not a matter of genes, but to live and to enjoy doing everything I like (and not staying behind the screen seeing how others live).

There are so many things I want to do … Don’t you realize that life is a fleeting gift? that the present day is wonderful and you have to enjoy every minute because will not come back?

Mistresses, Dommes, submissives, slaves I have news to give you. I don’t know how you will take it, but try to be strong. CruelDama is a mature Lady (much more mature than you think) and she threatens to continue enjoying her life, lol.


  1. Herrin ! Ich finde es sehr schön das Ihr eine reife Lady seit. Mir gefallen reife Lays sehr gut. Diese Ladys haben schon einiges im Leben erlebt und wissen wie es sich gehört. Danke für Ihre Zeilen Herrin !!!

  2. Dear Cruel Dama,

    Not photogenic? Who says this? I will rip there flesh from there bones. You are a flower among the weeds always!

    slave braxton


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