Doubts and fears

It’s completely normal and logical to have doubts about the news. And when these news mean to surrender to a Domme, it is imperative the submissive be sure in whose hands he gets.

Two-way communication is essential. Neither I take a submissive who I do not know, nor the submissive is given to me without knowing me. There are a number of steps, which are not always equal nor have the same duration, are needed if we want to build a lasting relationship.

But, even with considerable patience with beginners, there comes a time when patience runs out if there is no progress.

I’ve met submissives who shield themselves in that they need more time to take another step. I can understand this in the early stages, the first contacts. However, if we stagnate in four or five points and limit interactions to areas in which the submissive is comfortable and secure, the relationship will not advance and end up being pure monotony.

Not to mention their lack of trust in Domme. When a submissive is surrendered, let her guide him, although initially is not easy to integrate into his daily life that he already belongs to another person and is due to her.

When everything is the same after long daily conversations in which he is allowed to speak freely, it is time to take another step, to get involved in the will of the Domme. She already knows how far she can take him and he should already be clear if he can trust her or not.

It’s good to be cautious, but endless prolegomena are not so good 馃檪

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  1. All meaningful relationships are built on trust whether vanilla or D/s. Trust should not be automatic but is something that develops over time so that as trust develops so too does the relationship. In the case of the sub, as his trust in his Mistress grows so too should his limits be extended.


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