A “forever”

We all Dommes have been told “I‘m yours forever.” And in certain contexts is very good, of course, in the heat of the moment is part of the scenery, just as I can excite a slave in an urgent manner asking “To who do you belong, bitch?“.

But from there to everything be absolutely true is a long way. I’ve heard that phrase in the mouth of submissives I’ve not seen after a few intense meetings. And all is well, we are adults and we know what the reality is. Props are normal even in the vanilla world with I love you”. (Not that there is no love in FemDom, it’s just an example).

I mention this topic because I read a lot of things like this out there. There are truly passionate theaters in public between personages that maybe have not even been together in real ever. And it’s great that people have fun, but the same personages are seen telling the same thing to someone else in a couple of days.

Anyway, volubility is the order of the day, we all know.

There are several stages. Vaudeville on duty represented in virtual spaces in honor of all who choose to waste their time reading and then arrive insufferable monologues of the abandoned one about how crappy is the other person to end with terrible outbreaks of self-pity. Someone should teach them the benefits of washing dirty linen at home (or the meaning of the word “dignity”, which also can be worth).

And the truth is that none of this matters to me, play what you want, I just leave it there 馃槈

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