On Saturday, this blog had a remarkable record of visits, when precisely Saturdays are the days of less virtual traffic.

Don’t know if it has been influenced by the cold and rainy weekend that people stayed home, but occasionally I glance at the stats and I was surprised by the numbers.

Whether you like what you read as if you enter just to gossip or see pictures, that the counter dial over 900 visits in one day is amazing to me. Normally there is an average of between 500 to 700 visitors a day (I’m talking about the Spanish blog, this one is slightly less) that, as unknown to the functioning of other blogs, I think they’re many. And more than 900 in one day…

I appreciate and value that, after a year or so this space has, are increasingly who enter into it, whatever the reason, ’cause even the trolls to who I delete their venomous comments put their two cents.

And referring obliquely to my fetishes, it’s a shame that Blogger doesn’t allow to monetize blogs with adult content, lol.

Interestingly, the most visited day since this blog exists is precisely the publication Doubts and fears“, although in total the most read has been “Living FemDom“. It is quite significant 馃檪

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    I now visit, read and re-read your blog everyday. This is my bible and you are my one and only religion.

    slave braxton


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