New projects

I‘m going crazy with another website under construction. It has a different format and I don’t know this system. Different characteristics, different format, strange updates Anyway, I’m not a programmer but I will give an opportunity to the site and see what the outcome is.

Yes, I know, I already have two and they are not bad, but there are small details that doesn’t convince me and I want to correct them.

There is someone who helps me, but he is in the other side of globe and is difficult to juggle our schedules. When it’s daytime here, they sleep there, and vice versa.

It’s a little frustrating because when I want something specific, though I have patience, I get nervous waiting helplessly to advance work. I’m used to do these things myself and also the fact that who helps me is not mine, so I can not give him orders, lol.

Anyway, I’ll keep fiddling around (can not sit still) and trying to move forward. I will show you the result when I get it 馃槈

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