Today I had an early start, of those enormous. I was not sure to return soon and publish the post today (you know how it’s bureaucracy), but I met some really nice people that provided information and speeded up my procedures.

Only the first of a few steps I will give and, unfortunately, in Spain it takes plenty of cumbersome paperwork for anything, so I’ll have to go one place to another for a while until I get what I want.

I was amused by the behavior of one of the officers: he stared down and seemed to shrink in his chair before the avalanche of my questions, he was tongue-tied when replying and difficulties were increasing to the same extent that my smile. I could swear he‘s an inveterate fetishist because he kept looking at my leather gloves and stiletto boots.

I wish all the steps awaiting me be so fun and fast, as it has been a pleasant surprise not have to waste the whole day in endless waits, contradictory information and bad faces 馃檪


  1. I am sure that you, like most truly dominant women, have an air of superiority about you and it doesn’t take much to have a strong effect on even the only slightly submissive male. i suspect you are right about the official and that he was most definitely submissive in nature.

  2. Dear Cruel Dama,

    Yes I agree. A dominant woman gives a visual trigger to submission. Like great art, well informed people see the meaning while less intelligent see nothing.

    slave braxton


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