How we women are

Female gender in general tends to belittle their peers. Especially when perceive other woman as a threat or any kind of competition.

One example. Imagine a gathering of women where no one stands out. Approaches another one pretty, or stylish, or elegant. Silence becomes immediately and the group tends to ignore her, spending inquiring furtive glances at the newcomer.

She is not stupid, she is well aware of everything happens. She dedicates a smile and makes some silly question to break the ice. Usually the most shrewd of clique responds with bitterness. The other is still smiling and offers cigarettes or share her information (whatever it is).

After a while together, the beautiful/stylish/elegant kindly says goodbye. Will the others comment how beautiful, elegant or stylish is her? No! If they are not a bad, will say, “seems kind” or “she’s cute“, downplaying that she made 鈥嬧媡hem feel inferior somehow unintentionally. Now if the envy corrodes them, they will be devoted to criticizing and even slander her.

It’s a funny ritual, but completely true. I‘m not a great beauty, but I have my own style and I have seen myself in the case a few times. It happens that, over time, one stops paying attention to the nonsense, though it exists.

I’m not saying that all women be like this. No, not all, but most (though they deny it) 馃檪

And, of course, I also like to laugh and sometimes it’s fun to put them in trouble. I will get criticized anyway… hahaha.

It’s a shame there are not more rapport and support among us. We would be all better. Don’t you realize that we are stronger together? Maybe one day 馃檪

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