New section

The webmaster of the page has done me the honor of dedicating a section. I appreciate this privilege and I hope that many other Dominant Women join the project, because I think it’s very nice.

This website is very interesting, as I have recommended in a previous post, but today I add that I predict it many successes.

I like people with initiative, who dares to live and express themselves, to share their views. It’s great to have the courage to be yourself.

The idea of ​​the webmaster is to dedicate a space to a different Dominant Woman each month and I love being who open the section.

TALKFEMDOM is still a young page that has an interesting blog where, who live FemDom, we can see ourselves and participate with our opinions.

The differences between FemDom and other forms of BDSM exist, but also those who do not share our way of living and feeling can peek into our world. FemDom is a lifestyle, not a sect.

Read you also there 😉


  1. Thank you Cruel Dama for your generous post & for the wishes. Honored to have you featured on website. Purpose of is to bring love, respect towards woman making it a life style. Readers will get an insight to observe and understand real life of a Domme – thoughts, feelings, by following and reading your posts.


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