Power and control

Do you know that feeling that, even though everything seems in order, there is something wrong or that fades without knowing what it is yet, but the alarms start shooting within?

I hate that feeling. I like clear and diaphanous things and when something is fuzzy, I put pocker face until everything is defined.

This applies to almost anything: a comment, a friend, a slave

I‘m sure someone will already have taken the hint. I usually go leaving tracks when I‘m upset and, normally, the blame of my discomfort, however short he be, finishes for taking headlong into what is coming. So I give him a range in which he can rectify, because sometimes the mistake is not voluntary. But if the error persists and I see no purpose of amendment, my discomfort will be solved one way or another.

It’s not all laughs, prizes and pleasure. In each training efforts should be made individually and impose punishment when necessary.

Someone is trying to redeem his mistakes these days. Hope he gets and uses the opportunity I gave. Sometimes it is not easy to make a radical decision, but when the decision is taken, there is no turning back 馃槈

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