Work or leisure

There is a somewhat controversial question that is often overlooked because it can be uncomfortable, but I have no problem in answering: can a Domme enjoy having money involved or is it just a job?

Logically, there are all types of cases, but I can assure that the overwhelming majority of professional Dominas I know (and they are not few) greatly enjoy their work.

For my part, considering that money is one of my fetishes and not the only one, my answer is obvious. Not to mention that if I would not like, I would not bother to write every day on the subject here.

Maybe we should look for ulterior motives in those who ask the question, because it is wonderful to find the Domme of your life that does not ask for you a single euro, which is very cute, always beautiful and she also has everything you need (materials, clothing, toys, place and costs), right? 馃檪 And, if possible, take you into her house and maintain you with the wonderful excuse of a possible 24/7.

But I still go further. Is it so strange that a professional (whatever she is) enjoy her work? If the aforementioned is a doctor, lawyer or cosmetologist will be no negative reviews, for expensive her minutes are. Now, if we talk about a Dominant, starts the circus. Because obviously, it’s much more important the cosmetologist that give you a cream for your wrinkles than to choose the best Dominatrix in whose hands you’ll be, that woman who will lead your life, your fantasies and your needs (this is ironic, don’t be so limited).

Nobody is forced to go to a professional or a financial Domme, obviously. But don’t get us dizzy, a little respect is great. The same respect that you show the plumber or electrician when they fix you something. Or is that you go to their business to make them to take pity on your situation and work for free for you? Do you have them chatting hour after hour?

Can you enjoy the work? Of course. Especially when the work we choose is exactly what most fills us and we like to do 馃檪

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