Facts of Life

When someone has failed me, it’s hard I can return to trust him. Not saying it’s impossible, life takes many turns, but it is difficult.

A history of broken promises, sounding phrases finally empty, supposed dreams of slavery and the sudden disappearance of all those hopes were dashed as the smoke of my cigarette.

Oh, yes, also sublime moments, pleasant sessions, walking, shopping, travel, theater

We all know stories like this, right? (I myself could tell a few). But … define yourself. What do you want now, what are you looking for now (if you are looking for me)? Have you reconsidered or is it just your wish corrodes you, vicious bitch slut?

A different post? Maybe. Or maybe this entry has more than one recipient 馃檪

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  1. I see why men pledge their submission to you, even when they are unable to fulfill their obligation. The reasons are that you are very attractive, display a great personalty, and have an enticing dominant attitude. You display all the traits such men crave.


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