Blah, blah, blah

We all love being told how wonderful we are, we are beautiful with a new dress, ravishing with impossible heels, stunning withOf course we like it!

But I enjoy much more with deeds than with words. Words gone with the wind 馃檪

Don’t tell me how much you wish to belong to me, show me how much surrendered you feel. I will take a decisi贸n.

Words always decorate, but I am proud to know to handle them at my convenience and I can distinguish an attempt to manipulate from the naked truth perfectly. Now if that tampering corresponds with something that I want, I’ll make you believe you’ve achieved your goals only to exploit the situation and reserve the possibility of reproach your insolence.

Compliments end up for being repetitive and often sound like drooling, but your look of worship, your daily effort and your acceptance of my decisions are things that flatter me much more than words that anyone can pronounce.

I own social skills enough to know when they are knocking up and nip in the bud what I find annoying without losing a shred of my smile or raise my voice.

Want to get my attention? Make a deposit into my account, buy a good gift for me and get, at least temporarily, much more attention than you possibly deserve. Although, of course, for me to decide how much I grant you.

What did you expect to read? That‘ll take care of you very much and I’ll never hurt you as a I read so many out there? No, is you who will take care of me (if I grant you) and you will suffer in a thousand different ways.

I’m more Machiavellian than you, little minion, did you still have not noticed? 馃檪


  1. Good point, but if you’re referring to yesterday’s communications there was no offer of service, nor was there a hidden intent. I was offering a possible explanation as to why submissives wish to serve and later fail. I am too far away to serve you in person and I don’t do virtual d/s. I’m sorry the communications came across differently.

    • No, anonymous. I’m not talking about you.


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