Domination or theater

Except for honorable isolated comments, the general trend in the reactions to my recent posts remind me those cartoons with eyes out of their sockets, lol.

All this makes me wonder what is meant by Dominant personality. A Domme has to do what pleases the submissive? or rather is the latter who has to please her? Do I have to park my desires and my will to to what?

If I would behave as I see so many self-proclaimed dominants by social networks making cuddles to their subs (and note I know to reward my slaves in many ways, tenderness is not excluded from the Domination, but nonsense leftover), obeying all what these subs want, yielding to blatant manipulations to What for? So that your submissive“, accept sex tonight? So that the new dog take you to dinner and not be angry?

Come on!!! If your domination is to give a thousand detours to get part of what you want and bow to the wishes of others, I suggest you to review your role.

A D/s relationship is one in which the parties agree, want and enjoy an unequal relationship, with the place of each other clearly differentiated, in which may be a thousand variations and a thousand ways to build and live, but in which each site is well defined.

I can consens with a submissive in the early stages of the relationship, however, once the period of adaptation and mutual knowledge overcome and if he and I want to move on, it will be with my rules and my demands, not those of he. If he accepts, it will be wonderful. If not assumes, assimilates and accepts, then there will be no possibility to continue, because I will not bow down to his preferences. He is not obliged to accept my standards, of course, but I will not submit to his.

This is how I conceive Domination. Ok, now you can follow the whispers 馃榾


  1. You are exactly right. A slave needs to learn that once he is owned his preferences and desires are of little to no consequence. The mistress’ desires, needs, and even whims reign supreme.

  2. You described the essence of true souvereign dominance, Mistress Dama.

  3. Dear Cruel Dama,

    You are the most intelligent dominant woman, I have ever read. Your writing gives me hope and inspiration.

    slave braxton


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