Under my consideration

The road to slavery is not easy but, although I test one and other, just stay with the best. I prefer few good and not many mediocre or useless.

I loathe excuses. If you‘re mine is to make my life easier, to please me and obey me, not to bother me with attitudes that do not correspond you or to make decisions if I don’t authorize you.

I consider many things: your environment, your problems, you have a bad day and even the fish of the Retiro (a lake of Madrid). But fidelity and loyalty of mine mean much more than words to me.

If you defraud me, I blot out of my life. If you honor me, you will walk at my feet. As a slave of my own, you represent me and, although I am the first to joke and laugh, I don’t tolerate impertinences.

I dedicate this post to someone I‘ve decided to grant a test period. There is long way to go and there are many tests he will have to overcome. Will he know to take the opportunity? 馃檪

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    If only……….

    slave braxton


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