Surprise session

Yesterday I was playing with a puppy that is not mine. It was one of those things that come up and I decided to do this sesi贸n. I don’t use to do sessions with the first one that appears, but I confess I had a really good time with this sub. He responded wonderfully and the time passed flying.

And I like what I do, play with my properties and subjecting any sub that does not belong to my stable from time to time, of course, always that he attracts me somehow, there be match in our interests and a proper motivation.

Because it is precisely that, to live what I am and what I have inside in the way I like it. Each one choose our path. Some choose to open a shop, others for medicine, science, restoration, art and others we prefer Domination, that is a sublime art for me 馃槈

As a postscript, I can not fail to mention that I greatly appreciate the work of TALKFEMDOM, the space they dedicate me and the pride that means to me to be part of a wonderful FemDom Project.

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