Don’t give up

Life is a constant succession of changes. We can not go back to what we were a year or five ago, because we have evolved and the circumstances of that time have changed too.

Sometimes it is not easy to adapt to the changes, especially when they involve situations we do not want. However, although there are times when we can not see beyond and resist these changes occur, one must know to take advantage of all and channel our energies positively.

Is fine to take a period of mourning when something has hurt us, but not good stagnate ruminating pain.

To me, like everyone, bad things happened, there have been conflictive times and have even wasted my time with people who did not deserve an instant of my attention. But I am a strong woman and a fighter and as my bitch says​​, I always land on my feet 😉

Today I break a lance for a wonderful Woman not at her best. (But, you know what, Sister? You’re worth much more than that, whatever it may be. I lend you my spiked shoes and offer my arsenal, a sadistic spree on time burns a lot of adrenaline).

There are difficult things to grasp and tough decisions, but what we perceive as oppressive today, tomorrow is just another stage in life. Bad experiences teach us many things and make us stronger, roles apart, no one is free from difficulties.

This entry is not specifically about FemDom, may be posted on any other blog, but we who live FemDom are persons and as persons, we have feelings and problems, joys and sorrows. Even the most powerful Domme has a pothole (even not seem) 😉

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