Gifts and tributes

Sensations that run through me every time a package for me arrives home, are indescribable. Whether I know what is in the package or not, my excitement is evident.

I savor every sound ripping wrappers, a feast of emotions opening boxes and I feel euphoric watching the contents.

This happens to me with gifts you send me, but when I go shopping with any slave, until my underwear undergoes changes trying on clothing and footwear, selecting the items I want and, of course, watching how my serf give his cards to pay for my whims.

I will tell you a secret. At that time I show myself impassive, but in my mind thousand perversions pass to keep them for the most unexpected moment. Moment that can be in the next shop, over dinner, in private or maybe another day, depends on what I please 馃榾

And what can I say about cash? Being a staunch fetishist of money, imagine my immense satisfaction when a pooch make a deposit into my account or put his wallet in my hands for me to take what I want.

Just arrived a new package from Amazon. What can it be? 馃檪))))

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