Nasty babbler

I don’t like speak ill of anyone, what others do is their business. I can agree or not with what others do, say or think, the same way that other with me, but not my style to go around criticizing and even less slandering anyone, and you can check rereading my old posts there is no derogatory allusions towards anyone.

I don’t approve poisonous comments. I admit reviews but no disrespect, so at the time I had to establish the moderation of the comments that you send here to approve or delete them (could write a book with all the “compliments” that some dedicate me).

And, just as you’ll not see me (or will read me) to discredit anyone, I don’t like you to come to me with gossip. I’m smart enough to know how each one is and I trust more in my impressions than in your poisoned comments.

When a submissive comes to me speaking ill of other Dommes to try to earn my favor, it is clear that the same will do with each one and that just means that you are not only unreliable, but also you are a bad person. Of course this is not limited to a single role, that everywhere are baked beans 馃檪

I don’t like nasty babbler and I don’t trust people who can only speak ill of others. Before going to air the dirty laundry of anyone, why not look at yours? I‘m not perfect, others are not perfect, but neither are you.

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  1. Very well said. i was brought up to the rule that if you have nothing nice to say about anyone then say nothing and if you must say something say it to the person’s face, never behind their back!


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