Wooing and fun

I love the game of seduction. Whether is the applicant to serve me who strives to get my attention, as if it‘s me that I tend my nets around a possible “victim“, when things progress there is something magical in the air.

Of course, my idyls are very personal, but if you look easy, there are many common factors with vanilla wooing.

Substituting the typical bouquet of flowers by a new instrument of torture for my collection, cloying words like “honey for Owner told with adortion in his gaze, changing attempts to approximation of the male in a movie or show by something that I love doing (like nailing his testicles during function taking advantage of the darkness of the moment), cuddles by requirements, and all the morbidity that involves the complicity of knowing himself at my mercy and my whim, with the uncertainty of not knowing what will be the following, what will go through my mind, what will I wish then we have the perfect mix to continue with that butterflies in the stomach.

I consider myself a sensual woman and I like to take care of the small details. Yes, whenever I see a positive response from the other side, otherwise just getting bored and don’t hesitate to find another more suitable victim to my purposes 馃檪

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