Night out

The other day I went to a comedy show with magic_de_Cruel in La chocita del loro (The shack of the parrot), establishment that offers every day a fun assortment of monologue performers.

The photo is blurry (my slave was nervous, though I reserve the reason), but there I am, on the stage, joking during a break in the function.

With the microphone in front, spotlights illuminating me and the entire audience around, made ​​me want to tell them a funny anecdote of my slaves, for sure no one would believe my words even if they were completely true and… Who knows?, maybe one of the attendees finished the night at my feet (besides my magic) :D

Jokes apart, I really enjoyed, it was a night of confidences, tease and denial (mostly denial), dinner, drinks, laughter and renewed vows of slavery.

It is curious the stage name of comedians, Humordazados . I like this name, in Spanish the meaning is a mixture of gagged” and “humor” :D

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