Formatting things

I’ve had a weekend quite eclectic, with a bit of everything. Saturday was fun, but on Sunday I had to format my computer, resulting hassles of reorganize everything, make copies of all my files to reinsert and reinstall all my programs. So I have been very entertained.

But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, because now I have everything clean and ready to feel my hands thoroughly. It’s like a new slave, of those few left who are not yet hooked, as a blank canvas on which I can start letting my marks to paint my own picture.

And we all know of that a little bit, don’t we, Ladies? Submissives come to us with precious words of surrender and willingness to give us a huge job to go changing everything we don’t like.

The training process (the never-ending ;)) can be very funny, of course, but also repetitive and sometimes exasperating, depending on the raw material. Some learn faster and quickly conform to us and others drive us crazy.

I now have a very big challenge ahead, a submissive too used to his precious freedom, too many years doing what he wants, disregarding protocols, manipulating the whole world and achieving his goals without putting anyone but himself . All a mutt to format, lol.

I like challenges, but only those I choose, because I usually ignore those who boast of indomitable. I’m not willing to entertain a “submissive” that does not come to me knowing what I expect of him and with the desire to please me.

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