Living and letting live

Today I want to move this a little and tell a few truths 馃榾

I’m still surprised that, in a community whose members boast of having an open mind and who complain of not being accepted by the masses (yes, yes, there are many cases of people who feel discriminated or something similar) has so many prejudices among own members.

This happens more in the BDSM collective in general, as I dare say that in FemDom there is no so many nonsense. Of course, I mean the real FemDom, from truth, not factions of lazy and scruffy “domes”, those of which their whole philosophy is finished when they turn off the computer, or simply trying to poison the lives of others because they can not (or do not know how) live theirs.

Has always been wannabes”, people who memorize two or three concepts and constantly repeats in the absence of own arguments, people who imitates, people dying of rabies unable to measure up and is dedicated to criticizing, people with major complexes

I tend to ignore antics, but that does not mean I do not see them, it happens that I normally classify what is important and what is absolutely expendable. But today I want to shake the rats nest, lol.

It is quite significant that in all my life I have never been attacked, criticized or maligned by vanilla people and yet at our subculture I often elusive nonsense. Where is that open-mindedness? Or are just words to complaining about what you are misunderstood for being different? Different to what, to whom? I consider myself very average and, as I say, I have never felt misunderstood. The fact is that, basically, I don’t need everyone understand and accept me 馃檪

Perhaps the day we all learn to enjoy our own life is not necessary to inspect the others.

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