As I stayed up late and woke up late too, a bit of everything have altered and I still have to land in the world of the living, so it’s not very clear yet what the theme of today’s post. And it can be just that, improvisation 馃榾

It’s good to have a plan in general but, although we follow a determined pattern or direction in order to achieve a goal, can not be gridded to the point of letting to escape delicious moments for not look around.

Like in a session, for example. You can have a particular appetence, a planned practice, but why limit ourselves to one if we can enjoy other at a time and with many variants?

I’m pretty creative (the gossips say also twisted), so I am not satisfied with “what is expected to happen”, but in my world everything is possible, as I do not close doors to spontaneity and allow modifications to pre-planning.

I think about many things when I want something, I visualize the situation, props, staging… but I don’t like armored scripting or theaters and take every variable to bring things to where I want in different ways.

As this post, for example 馃榾

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  1. Improvisation, innovation and spontaneity are the spice of life!


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