With some slaves I have a close, wide and daily relationship, with other work to make it, there are others that I do not want a closer relationship than dining out, shopping and casual sessions and there is a fourth group to those who I accept some gift or tribute and, for various reasons, only maintain online contact.

We establish a relationship or another as the other person inspire us. Nobody has to get involved beyond what we want.

In these things (and throughout) it’s better to be completely honest with the other. And, of course, with ourselves. I would never accept a submissive who pretended he is my only relationship, for example, so I would not create expectations that may be so, because though we know not what will happen in the future, today I don’t pose a monogamous relationship.

You can not build a relationship with feeble foundations, because not hold.

If what we get does not correspond to what we desire, frustration is generated, which is reflecting a funny phrase I heard a few days ago: A relationship is not based on doing handyman and restaurant desserts.” Perhaps the author should expand her interests and not focus on something that does not make her happy. But perhaps finally she is an emotional masochist enjoying her situation and, if so, everything would be perfect.

When something is not like I desire or causes me repeated discomfort, I diversify my horizons. I will not be whining because a toy does not work 馃檪

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