I’ve retaken my training in the gym, for too long ago I did no do physical exercise (except in my sessions, where toxins are removed 馃榾, though not the same).

On the basis of a little effort, a daily table of exercises to keep in shape with dumbbells (along with my hateful glances at times towards my coach) and walks through the city, in a short time these first days of sore muscles will disappear, because sometimes we park those things for lack of time or simple laziness.

I have good genes, but don’t like sloppiness. With age the body goes experiencing changes and although it is not something that worries me especially, I like to look pretty.

Between that and all that I have in progress right now, plus all I want to do, I need 25 hour days!

But I’m not complaining, the fact is that I love being busy with a thousand things and excited by many others, always making new plans. What bothers me is inactivity. Not the same to take a day to myself than to have nothing to do.

And soon will be ready my new page with my own domain. Well, the truth is that it is already on the internet, but I still have to do some tinkering and with the help of Dak (my favorite webmaster) there will be these developments and changes I mentioned a few days ago.

You know the popular saying: a busy Domme is a successful Domme 馃槈 I know, the phrase is not this way, but I like how it is, lol.

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  1. Best wishes for your new exercise regime, Madame. I am sure you will soon feel and see the benefits. Have you tried Pilates or yoga? They are both good for flexibility and core strength.


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