Venus in Furs

I finally went to see the movie “Venus in Furs” by Polanski. It’s based on the book of Sacher-Masoch, but with an updated vision and, although at first it gave me the impression that it was going to be vulgar, I liked the development and the final.

Mental Domination which actress submits the actor from the first moment (in an unexpected way) is brilliant and I applaud the performance of Emmanuelle Seigner, a fascinating and different Wanda.

Adapted to nowadays, the action takes place between two characters (Wanda and severin) today, and there are a few surprises. I’m not going to say anything else, you have to watch it, as I’m sure many will like.

It was a special night. I arrived with one of my slaves to the nocturnal function and we got a pleasant surprise because we had the whole room for us (we were the only audience there), so I could play with my pooch while enjoying projection 馃槈

When the movie ended, we commented in the car and, of course, we had to go brand new crop my puppy just gifted me. Leave the rest to your imagination 馃榾

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  1. Thank you for your film review, Cruel Dama, which inspires me to watch the movie when it appears here. It seems that you and your slave had a memorable evening!

    I enjoyed Polanski’s Knife on Water when I saw it at school cinema club as a teenager, and then some time later Bitter Moon which explores sadomasochistic themes, although not always positively.


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