Exchange of views

Many focus only on pleasing Mistress sexually. If that’s what the Lady wants, everything is perfect, but for me is not just a sexual issue, but covers all areas.

Despite there are times when we relax the degrees of exigencies and protocols towards society in which we live, I like the place of each be clearly defined and differentiated at any time, not only the when having sex (or denying it).

I’ll say what I always clarify: it is my way to live and enjoy it, although I respect for some is limited to sexual practices or specific moments.

And as my choice is precisely to enjoy at all times, I am considered too demanding in certain circles. But as the song says and what the others think is of overwith regard to my life.

Yesterday we had a fun discussion in the Society FemDom, a Facebook group, although the issue was not exactly that, loved the participation and there was all kinds of answers. Some of the Ladies I know personally, others through the network, but it’s great to have gotten a meeting space where we can express ourselves (at least for now, that some social network’s policies are so restrictive for certain things that good thing is short).

As a note I add you can leave your opinions here, no more censorship than the one I impose myself when I see disrespect 馃槈

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