Sex: grant/denial

It’s funny (how diplomatic I am sometimes) hear some submissives (more than I’d like) to talk about the wonders they see in videos and how much they would like a Domme would make them that.

There are very good clips of real Dommes, but don’t talk about those, no, they speak of those in which the beautiful actresses (Santa does not exist, face it) perform much sex and much of what can attract a male.

Imagination is free and we all have fantasies, but is heavy that you arrive to a Domme and tell her all you want her to do unto you when a submissive is to serve her (with or without sex) and when it does not depend on your desires, but hers.

There are submissives who doesn’t inspire me more sex than deny it, enclosing his penis in a chastity device and holding the keys, others over whom I exercise my sadism and others I use sexually when and how I please . Even to the latter I can drive them crazy with constant tease and denial for my amusement. But for me (and many others) is not arriving, have a drink and destroy the room or dungeon, but much more than satiate your desire and your interests.

Sex is the basis of our instincts and I consider myself a sensual and sexual woman, but sex is not what I look for in a submissive. If I am not attracted to your inner (or your penis prevents you to show what you have inside), what makes you think that staging your fantasies is a priority for me?


  1. A true D/s relationship is all about the desires and needs of the Domme and the sub should exist purely for Her. It is true that there are enticing videos and pictures available widely on the internet that depict gorgeous Dommes forcing their subs into sex and that this builds an inner desire in the sub. However, the sub must always remember that it is his Domme who comes first and that She will use him as She sees fit and Her mood takes Her. For the genuine sub, sexual denial is as stimulating as the sex would be itself. I find, being locked in chastity by my Mistress, that this makes me constantly aroused and eager to serve. I am denied sex but my Mistress uses my body in other imaginative ways that can and do bring me to an orgasm when She permits it (not very often but often enough for me to yearn for such release). Sexual control of the slave is entirely in the hands of his Domme and through this, the slave derives his own pleasure in serving and pleasing his Owner. For the sub or slave to try and guide or persuade his Owner to give him pleasure in a way he desires means he cannot be a genuine slave but one who should go to a professional actress and pay for her service. The genuine sub or slave thinks nothing of his own pleasure but focusses entirely on pleasing his Domme. I find that I get so much more satisfaction in giving of myself to my Owner than ever I would in receiving any special attention of my own desires. Tease and denial is an essential tool in the hands of the Domme to ensure the continued loyalty and obedience of Her slaves.

  2. Dear Cruel Dama,

    The bullseye!

    slave braxton


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