I’m not prone to flattery. I compliment those who really deserve it, casually are usually other Dommes. Few. No praises dedicated to everybody. I don’t like people come to me with pretty words to win my favor if they are not true. I am appalled at the hypocrisy.

It is easy to distinguish between heartfelt words and other cunning that come with smiles as false as their carriers.

If I admire you, I’ll tell you, but if I have no reason to admire you, I will not. More than one has bothered with me for not returning a compliment or not following the game of falsehood in public. I can be diplomatic, smile and thank some flattering words, but I’m not so cynical as to say what I don’t think. Sometimes I bite my tongue because, above all, I am a Lady 馃檪

Normally, when someone brags about if I have something bad to say about you, I’ll tell you to your face, it means that they’re rude. I prefer to abstain. If I have nothing good to say about you, I will not talk about you. Unless your attitude is bothering me, because in that case I’ll let you know assertively, without stress or insult.

And the same with regard to my slaves. I can dedicate a smile or reward them in other ways, it is very rare I tell them too emphatically they’ve done something good, but they know me and know exactly if I’m bothered or pleased.

I may like a comment, but I know what I’m worth, plus I know my flaws, so it’s not easy to appeal to my vanity.

But I like a sincere compliment, a word of admiration from another Domme and the actual support of my friends. I have so many things to enjoy, that it seems unnecessary artificial affectation 馃槈

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    Your beauty is only exceeded by your intelligence!

    slave braxton


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