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You ask me when will I organize a FemDom event. It’s hard to answer that because it’s not that I don’t feel like, I love to meet you at parties, but in Madrid there is usually no a massive turnout in such things.

Not rule out that, on the contrary, I accept proposals and will be happy to hear your potential collaborations while I enjoy the events that there already are. I have too many things going on right now and that’s only a project that maybe will not materialize. Although , as I say, I accept suggestions.

I also have in mind that many of you complain that there is no real FemDom and BDSM in Madrid, and when there is, you don’t appear. Or do you think that BDSM locals were closing because they wanted?

I respect you don’t dare to attend and opt to live it in private, but then I don’t understand the complaints.

I will continue attending parties as I possibly can. I enjoy when I meet friends in person and knowing people that have online contact. I support and thank all those great people with initiatives and active participation in our community.

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    There is a much more active femdom scene and many more slaves here in the USA. Just saying…………

    slave braxton


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