My slaves laugh because I always say I don’t know what to write today in the blog” and I end up always solving that detail somehow.

But it’s completely true. Some days I can hardly find a topic because I think I have written about virtually everything, or I start with something concrete just to jump into something else.

And today’s post will be a little weird, because last night I went out with one of my pooches and honestly, I do not feel like thinking today what I will tell you, lol.

My bitch ​​brings me another coffee and I love being pampered and cared for. Like now, I have not asked and guess I need an extra dose of caffeine 🙂

And isn’t this the perfect way of life? Each one in our place, some serving and others being served, everybody happy.

There is nothing better than to find those beings who complement us and to develop our nature the way and up to where we want to.

The session last night was fun. I will be uploading some photos, leave this for now with my slave jacket, it’s so large that it could be a dress for me (a big dog) 😀

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,
    This is a good title. New slave(s) might be the answer. A submissive who ignites your passion, who sparks your imagination, who has fresh ideas and whose heart you have set afire. Hmmmmmmmmm if only I knew someone like that??????????

    sparky braxton


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