Very entertaining tests

A few days ago I had a very funny episode.

I have already told you that I want to do some video and, dressed as you see me in the photo, I did a short recording with one of my pooches.

The fact is that the action takes place when I leave the elevator, walk the hallway and enter into a certain apartment. But everything would not be so easy 馃槈

When I go to the elevator, try to open the door to leave and be recorded, and I notice that someone has called it from another floor.

I let you to guess what happened there, but when I got back to my floor someone was looking us through the peephole from apartment across.

I don’t know what faces they had because they didn’t open. Neither know what they thought by listening to the whip, or when they saw my slow heels down the hall, or when discovered somebody else recording behind me, wearing a beautiful necklace of my ownership.

I did not expect anyone, it was late night on a school day, but I’m sure they had fun speculating about the heavenly scene.

Anyway, there are always contingencies and it was only a test. We will have to find another location 馃槈

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,
    Is it more exciting when vanilla people are about? I was in NYC at an adult store with someone. She had me try on women’s clothes and fake breasts. A young couple came in after us and the girl say me ans I saw her. I blushed but it was thrilling. One of my best experiences! When plans go awry, the result can better.



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