Typical cliches

There is an urban legend about the bad relationship between Femdoms.

Well, if you believe in the girl in the corner, is “normal” in your head there be place for such hoaxes. Mental suggestion is amazing. I myself use it often 馃檪

However, I have a wonderful relationship with Dommes worldwide. It’s what happens for being me, not who I am supposed or what some people want me to be.

The tendency to beaten cliches is quite common, but if you give court this kind of nonsense, I guess you would have to also approve other like “all submissives have lack self-esteem,” right?

It’s like when we stress that of “I have nothing against prostitutes, they are great people.” Let’s see … there are wonderful prostitutes and there are prostitutes very bad people.

It is true that sometimes we have to generalize for short or get lost in endless explanations, but sometimes cliches smells folding.

I like many Dommes, there are submissives with a great self-esteem, some prostitutes are insufferable and children don’t come from Paris 馃槈

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