Yesterday spoke of cliches and today I break a spear for submissives and slaves.

The day before yesterday I heard a whole bunch of nonsense, including ironically someone asked how someone with studies could lend to be undergoing and if there really are submissives of that class.

All my slaves have studies. All of them. The overwhelming majority of submissives I know occupy positions of great responsibility in the society that laughs at what it doesn’t understand (or pretends not to).

And back to business as usual. There are people living it as a punctual sexual game, but also are those of us that live as lifestyle and that doesn’t mean to live as hermits, but we live in the real world, in the nowadays world. We are people integrated in society, with studies, with clarity and conviction of our choices, what we are and how we want to live our lives.

The conversation that I am referring going from bad to worse. I think it’s great that we all do what we feel, but I think it would be suitable that, when we talk about something, we know what we say and have some knowledge on the subject to speak properly.

I can only add that I do not feel identified with anything I heard. There are many ways of understanding and living FemDom, mine is completely different from what was mentioned in that conversation.

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