Much to do

And Monday again. I expect a busy week with travel, shopping, decisions and eagerly awaited and desired visits.

There will be fun in abundance in many different ways. Yes, my wicked followers, the way you’re thinking too 馃槈

Someone told me with a tone of resentment: “you never get bored.” Bored, when? When I put my claws on my toys? When I stay at home resting and I die laughing chatting online with my friends? Putting hands to the work with some of my projects? Sharing here what goes through my head and my life?

Something as simple as sitting down for a cup of coffee is very pleasant if the company is right (and it was).

There are times of increased activity and others not so, but I’m not one to stay in a corner watching life pass by me or envying those of others.

I am delighted by the success of my friends and I love they share it with me, I consider myself a good support for them. And I must be, because they usually come both when something does not work as when they have overcome a personal problem.

And is not such precisely the purpose of all? Enjoy life, share it with those who deserve it, take what I want, do what I want, have a positive attitude and fight for my goals is the best recipe against boredom 馃檪

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