Power of attraction

Usually in our subconscious shoot certain springs, archetypes (patterns of thought) that trigger our instincts.

But the erotic and sexual attraction is unpredictable. Appearance, smell, tone of voice, body languages the trigger can be the most unexpected. Not to mention the fetishes of each.

You can have preferences for the type of woman you like and show affection towards dependent and passive women, with a social and cultural level similar to yours, with certain physical characteristics

But suddenly comes this Woman might not fit your ideal of beauty, sure of herself and proud of it, she doesn’t need you, maybe whimsical, proud, smiling, with a strong character, not easy to impress. And all your patterns are disrupted.

Obviously, you seek the reciprocity of that attraction. Everything will stay in fantasy if you don’t get that who attracts you feels any interest to you. So you try to get her attention by attitudes, interests and opinions. And maybe the fact that to catch her eye is not dependent on you be one more nutrient to such attraction you feel.

It is a hypothetical caseal, though very often, but… have you already realize that you could become that woman’s submissive if she wanted to use her power over you? 馃檪

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