Power and Domination

Each and every one of those under my power are important and are therefore present. By this I mean that I value all the power they surrender to me, although is not in my nature to spend a lot of praise.

If we use the coercive power, we can control behavior through intimidation and although it is a method I can use at peak times, I prefer to be respected and honored than to be feared all the time.

I don’t believe in Domination based on constant threats. Someone afraid will do what I want while feeling that fear, but once it has passed, all the power will disappear with it.

The exercise of power requires persuasive ability. It is necessary to express honestly and self-reliant for others get involved in what we want.

I am proud of a sacrifice made by conviction, since who offers it to me is at my feet willingly.

But of course, I mean the power that I exercise in my closest relationships, long-term, as during the exercise of blackmail, which have an expiration date, things are very different 馃榾

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