Memorable weekend

The BDSM party last night was more than fun. In fact, the whole weekend was sublime, could not have asked for more. Tutor and Domina Psyche are very special to me, our friendship is reinforced with each new encounter and I can only be grateful for all what we share, for such a good time and those to come.

And as for the event… A real pleasure to have met the wonderful and spectacular Ama_Eva, a delight for the senses, attraction of all the looks of the room by her beauty and elegance, beauties of the caliber of Reinar, always charming, gorgeous and attentive Lady, fantastic Domina Luz, who delighted us with her sensual performance, many Ladies and gentlemen of the BDSM community of Madrid, our hostess Domina Libertad tireless and fantastic BDSM activist and, of course, my wink of complicity to these special helpful submissive who attended to me throughout the night, having fun pending my whims and my companions.

Was crowded and it’s impossible to mention everyone, but I leave a kiss for Monsier Valmont and his slave mimi, Gata de Camelot and her precious pumaDama, Dioni and his lovely carol Thank you all for a special night.

I have saved for last someone very important to me, my dear Sister Lady_Foc. What can I say about her? I think it was evident throughout the night the good connection between us. I guess in some way, we contributed to animate the evening 馃槈

Today I rest, because next week is also submitted with lots of activity. My summary can only be: exhausted and happy.

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