After an awesome week end, we have to re-acclimate to everyday life. And I will not complain, my daily routines are quite to my liking.

We adapt to circumstances, events and variables in our own way. I consider myself a positive woman and try that those around me are as well. It is important to take advantage of every little detail of every thing that is presented in our way.

I’m lucky for many different reasons, but I don’t think it’s by chance. We all decided the path we follow in life through every decision we make. There have been times when my decisions were not optimal, but the bad experiences helped me to learn to value those that are successful and appreciate to those who accompany me on the road, either continuously or enjoy stages at which our paths meet again.

And I still have many roads to travel. Tomorrow I‘ll do a little trip and who knows how many more will there be? My routes are usually fun, will we meet somewhere along the way? 馃槈

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