Challenges and issues

When a slave (read right, I wrote “slave” not “submissive”) fails to obey or follow orders of his Owner, something is wrong.

I take into account many factors, from mood (not always have a good day) to physical state (all of us are sick or unwell at some point), but if he stops doing what he’s supposed to be doing although no specified to be part of his daily duties (we assume he does delighted to be part of his service to the Owner), what can we think?

A provocation is misplaced. The slave may think it’s funny, but maybe the Mistress does not take as cheerfully, as assumes that her decisions will not be questioned but, on the contrary, accepted, assumed and obeyed without hesitation. That is slavery, right? 馃檪

On a day to day there are times when the slave is allowed to speak freely, express his feelings, it’s good for both to externalize what‘s inside, although the last word will always be the Owner.

But a slave is someone who has given up his rights to the Owner, who has decided to take the big step of submitting to the will of her desires and prioritize them.

Anyway, I think with the last sentence is summarized the purpose of slavery. Slavery is not enforced at any time, both have agreed slavery because it means the happiness of both, in which one of the parts decides to surrender and the other accept that surrender with the responsabilities it comes with.

I’m pretty reasonable, laughing and joking, but also very serious and demanding about certain things. Are repetitive failures by omission or provocations acceptable in a slave? 馃檪

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    Enslave please!!!!!!



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