Seriousness and laughter

I think with today’s photo, it is recorded a few things. This photo, taken after a relaxed dinner with friends, helps me to shatter the myth of the seriousness of CruelDama.

I’m serious when I have to be, but I’m also the prankster and playful with my friends. I love to have fun with anything, anytime, laugh, enjoy, live.

I don’t need to look as bitter, be moody, shout and forgive lives where I pass to prove how Dominant I am. I believe in real Domination, the one that gives us happiness, born from within without theaters or fuss, naturally, just being who I am, no need to be showing anything.

As a woman of strong character also get angry and I can unleash hell in a moment. But I’m not the hieratic Goddess of undaunted countenance. That would be boring!

I don’t like pretense. I am as I am, a normal woman living her life, that assumes her paraphilias and is happy with them. And you, how are you?

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