Asymmetric harmony

Yesterday I could not attend Domina Libertad FemDom party and I am so sorry, because I always have a great time, but something came up and there are important things that come before leisure.

And yesterday there was also leisure for me, even FemDom (could not live without it), Fetish (my latex clothes are ready) and an intense session of a few very enjoyable hours. But FemDom does not mean constant harmony, let’s be realistic.

I even had time to contain my anger during my conversations in public with one of my pooches. Good thing I have is that once I say what I have to say, I stay relaxed. Unless he contradicts me, of course.

And speaking generally, there are things taken for granted, but (and this brings me to my post of the day before yesterday) there are always edges to polish. Tailor-made slavery, taking the parts they like and reject those that involve an effort, doesn’t exist 馃檪

It’s great to wear a necklace of property, isn’t it? But that collar means much more than being under the protection of the owner and enjoy maddening sessions.

If I have to be repeating the same thing over and over again during a training and doubts persist even knowing me thoroughly, if my words are questioned until the audacity, I apply a punishment. But when my patience is depleted, just pose more radical solutions.

In general terms I have a good relationship and connection with the slave, actually I was not talking about him right now, but we’re at that stage where I want to change some of his behavior patterns at points that displease me. Don’t want a robot, but I want a slave 馃檪

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  1. While total obedience should be the goal of every slave towards his or her Owner, there are times when the slave might see a better way of achieving the Owner’s aims. To blindly obey in such circumstances would be robotic and the slave surely has a duty to the Owner to make a suggestion where the slave sees what might be a better way. However, the slave must always make the suggestion politely and respectfully and, should the Owner still wish to continue with His or Her original command then the slave must accept it and obey. The slave who genuinely has the Owner’s interests at heart will not be a robot, blindly obeying every order but will develop a relationship where he can respectfully make suggestions and also anticipate his Owner’s needs.


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