Whatever we choose

I find it curious (to say the least) them to tell me what serious and strict I am talking about FemDom. Well, I’m not just talking about” but I am living it.

I am very clear and long ago I decided to be consistent with what I want and how I want it. Over the years I‘ve been delving into my lifestyle, because that’s exactly for me, my lifestyle.

When something fills us and makes us happy, we’re doing an increasingly big hollow in our lives. For some this gap is a few hours a week and for others it’s something that we live every day. I guess there are several groups: those who are excited imagining, those that join in the action and those who don’t want to live any other way.

For some FemDom is limited to walk by social networks and chats with a submissive to everyone can see how much and good they dominate, but is their choice and, if that’s what they enjoy, all is well. Some prefer sex sessions with a bit of spanking and that’s great if both parts enjoy with it, just as a purely vanilla relationship is wonderful in which the members are happy that way.

I like things in my own way and, away from forcing anyone to agree with me, share them on a blog.

We can not know what will happen in the future, evidently, but today yes, I am serious about my convictions. I am not better than anyone else for living 24/7 and having a stable of slaves. Nor worse. It’s just my choice.

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