Saturday of spree

Taking a cursory glance at the blog posts, you might think that I’m always partying. Not so, it happens that lately I‘ve being seen in public a little more.

And tonight will attend another BDSM event, this time in a suite dungeon I still don’t know, but I want to know not only place, but also the attendees.

Lovely evening organised by Odin and Freya (Juguetones and Sado Madriz). Here’s the link if anyone encourages to go at the last moment (although I don’t know if there are still places):

And today’s post will be very short. Just to report that the evening promises, the company will be the best and I have no doubt there will be lots of fun.

Today I upload a completely “different” pic my pooch did to the exit of the Mexican restaurant where we had dinner. The doll almost fell over me, would it be the impression? 馃槈

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