A very lively night

I have only positive adjectives to last night. From the beginning, when the submissive who accompanied us picked me up at home, until we retired to rest.

My Sister, Lady_Foc, was lovely, met great people and loved the place. By the way, the dungeon where the event was is rented for hours so, if anyone is interested in enjoying it, this is the link: The Dungeon of the Kings

I had a really good time, but I was sure about it even before starting the night. When the BDSM meeting ended, the party continued in another small dungeon in which there was Sado, laughter and more fun.

So today I‘m taking the day for me, it will be the typical Sunday to watch movies lying on the couch, to read and perhaps a short walk with the bitch at sunset. Tomorrow begins another busy week and need to recharge.

There were many pictures and lots of activity, and I’ll share. For now you can see two Ladies on a Harley 馃槈

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