No tricks

I notice you like the pictures I upload, both here and in social networks. The pictures tell the story of a life, are memories of lived moments, attitudes, places, people

And I can hardly pose for a picture. If they are taken out on the fly, without having to wait for the shot in a certain position, so good, but if I have to put faces and pretend a situation, just getting angry with the photographer.

Probably this is the reason that I like the results of my pics, because they are real situations at specific times. And of course, it’s great that you also like them.

I have to add that I enjoy being recognized internationally (and not just for the photos). Since the popular phrase says: nobody is a prophet in his own land.

But I don’t want to be a prophet of anything, nor intend to “convert” anyone to my cause. He who desires to serve me, know how to reach me because, just like in the pictures, I don’t like things forced or faked.

Never mind the malicious reviews, I will continue being myself 馃檪

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