Exciting shopping

How nice stroll through Madrid with temperature we have right now. Yesterday I went shopping with my slave magic and I was really well. Jeans and a t-shirt is enough to get lost in the crowd and let my feet exhausted by the heels. Of course then my pooch gives them the pampering they deserve 馃槈

To go shopping with magic means to come home at dawn. There are days when I don’t finally show preference for any of the items I seek and I just select any other, playing to drive my pooch crazy and laughing uproariously with any nonsense.

Enter the changing rooms with various pieces of clothing and observe the plight of my slave to try them on, put one foot at steering wheel in a red traffic light to he licks my boot with the corresponding amazement of neighboring drivers… There is a lot of fun and so morbidity in small details.

No doubt, I love to go shopping in Madrid 馃檪

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