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More than 500 entries in less than a year and a half, even short, make a big blog. If we add pictures, competitions, experiences and reflections of a Domme, guess the blog is attractive to many people.

I know, you care little about statistics and data, but the rhythm that carries the visitor counter keeps surprising me. Especially when there are so many prejudices against Financial Dommes (not to mention that my English is not perfect).

Here you find no criticism or disrespect towards anyone, I consider that everyone has the right to do what he wants, even make mistakes. I can agree or not with others, but I don’t need to attack anyone.

There are frictions and disagreements in any community, but there is a phrase I repeat frequently: You have to give each thing the importance it has. And for me is much more important to live my life with mine than  to waste my time with absurdities.

Those who know me say that this blog is a faithful reflection of me and that was my intention from the first entry, to share my way of seeing and doing things, because here I place on record some of my steps.

I love you to follow me, read me and participate, though not always have time to answer. I don’t know how far the blog will go, even I’m planning to change support, but for now will continue with it, there’re CruelDama for a long time 馃槈

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  1. i do not know you personally but feel as if i do through your blog. It comes over as a true reflection of your lifestyle, your attitudes and principles, most of which, if not all, i totally agree with. Whatever you do, remain consistent and true to yourself – far to many people today bow to criticism from people who have no idea nor understand the true FemDom or BDSM dynamic.


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